This documentation will provide instructions on how to quickly integrate cyberdeveloperbd Bulk SMS into various solutions by using cyberdeveloperbd HTTP API. cyberdeveloperbd API is based on REST standards. In order to interact with our API, any HTTP client in any programming language can be used.

How to get started

Easy. Only two steps actually:

1. Create an CyberDeveloperBD Bulk SMS account

In order to use our API, you will need credentials. You have to order our Bulk SMS service to get Bulk SMS API credentials. If you already have an CyberDeveloperBD Bulk SMS account you can skip this step. Otherwise, follow this link:

Order Bulk SMS from here

2. Test your account by sending a text message to yourself

The best way to check if your account is operational is to test it, and the best way to test it is to send an SMS to your own phone. Use this simple API call to send your first message.

Our base URL for all API calls is

Endpoint for sending simple SMS is


Authorization note : To get started quickly, this time use Base64 encoding to encode yourUsername:yourPassword in header authorization. Later, in production environment, we strongly suggest using API key. You can learn more about our API security in detail here.


Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==

"text":"My first text message!"

This API call will deliver an SMS to your phone within seconds. You can examine the documentation for this API method in more details here.

Got stuck?

No problem, we are here for you! We have the best support available you 24/7, so just drop an email at or open a support ticket