To pay your unpaid invoices on CyberDeveloperBD, you will need to do the following:

1. Sign in to your CyberDeveloperBD Account

2. Go to Billing>My Invoices

You can see your all invoices list here (paid/unpaid/canceled)

3. Click on the invoice that you want to pay.

4. You can see your invoice details now. On the invoice page, Select “bKash Payment” from Payment Method dropdown list. And after then Click “Pay using bKash” button from top of the invoice page.

5. On the bKash payment page follow the instruction and pay using your bkash account from your mobile.

6. After successful payment on bKash you will get back transaction details SMS from bKash with TrxID. Input you TrxID on the “TrxID” box on bKash payment page and submit. After submit your TrxID, our system will automatically check your payment from bKash server and paid your invoice.

NOTE: please be careful about Ref number and invoice amount. You must input correct ref number on bkash payment that showing on the page and same amount that showing on the page. If the payment amount of ref number not match from bKash server, your invoice will not be automatically paid. Please contact our Support if you got any problem.