If you are a DirectAdmin hosting user of CyberDeveloperBD then you should got a mail about your DirectAdmin hosting account information. You can logged in using that user name and password in your DirectAdmin hosting control panel. If you forgot your DirectAdmin username and password or dont’t want to logged in using that then make it easy. You no need to remembered different password. Just follow these steps bellow:

Login Your DirectAdmin Hosting Control Panel

To do this,
1. login our client area. If you forgot our client area id password then you can reset your id password using your mail.

2. You can found your service Tab here that showing your service number with us. Just click this tab:

Or Go to Services>My Services from Secondary menu from our client area.

3. On My Services page, you should found your service list. Just click on Active button from that list:

4. From service Details page, scroll down and you got a button Login to DirectAdmin. Click that button and you will redirected to your DirectAdmin hosting control panel.