According to ICANN regulation, whenever a domain is registered, accurate information must be submitted along with that registration. Be sure to provide a valid email address for your WHOIS as you will be required to verify your WHOIS information via email when changes are made to the registrant, admin, tech or billing contact information listed in the WHOIS. If verification is not received within 15 days, the domain name will be suspended. It is recommended that you use an email address independent of the domain you are registering since you will need access to this email address to verify your WHOIS information.

To change the WHOIS information for a domain:

1. Log in to your CyberDeveloperBD account

Note: If you forgot your password, click on the Forgot your password link below the login fields to reset your password

2. Go to “Domains>My Domains” from your account.

3. You can see the list of your domain here. Click the settings icon from right side from the domain. You can see “Edit Contact Information” menu here. click on it.

4. From the next page you can see four different sets of contacts for domain. The four different sets of contacts for domains are:

  • The Registrant is the contact information for the owner of the domain.
  • The Administrator information is used for transferring between registrars.
  • Technical and Billing contacts are not commonly used.

Edit and change your domain contact information.

Note: You voluntarily agree to a 60-day lock that prevents you from transferring your domain name when you update the Organization field for the registrant contact, or when you update the First name, Last name, or Email address fields for the registrant contact if an organization is not the legal registrant for your domain name.