Supported Features

Register Transfer Renew Registrar Lock
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Update Nameservers Update WHOIS Get EPP Code Register Nameservers
Yes Yes Yes Yes
DNS Record Management Email Forwarding Domain Release Domain Sync Script
Yes Yes Yes Yes



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To activate and begin using the Stargate registrar module, follow the steps below:

1. Login to your WHMCS Admin Area

2. Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Domain Registrars

3. Locate StarGate/UK2 in the list

4. Click the Activate button

5. Enter your Domain Reseller API credentials

6. Click Save Changes to complete the process

Note: Before you can begin using the Domain Reseller API with your account you must authorize your server IP for access to your account. See below for steps to do this.

IP Registration

  • Domain Reseller API is IP restricted.
  • Therefore to use the Domain Reseller API, you must first allow your servers IP to access your Domain Reseller account via the API. This can be done in the Settings > API section of the Domain Reseller control panel.
  • You can find the IP you need them to whitelist by navigating to Help > License Information within your WHMCS admin area.

Failure to do this will result in you seeing the error message, “Access Denied: You are not authorized to perform this action”


Test Mode

WHMCS can be configured for testing purposes by ticking the “TestMode” option when configuring Stargate as the registrar. This will point all domain related requests to the test environment provided to you by Stargate.

Automatic Registration

WHMCS allows you to setup automatic domain registration on a per extension basis enabling you to use different registrars for different TLDs to give you the flexibility to offer more extensions and always get the best value. To enable automatic registration, you can check WHMCS official documentation here